Try our Shony & Furikake seaweed blends, exclusively in Morrisons

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Seaweed is Delicious, Natural Umami

Discover the forgotten taste of seaweed in our seasonings from the wild, pure waters of Scotland

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Cook with Mara Seaweed

Mara Seaweed creates new, delicious flavours - great for professional chefs and home cooks alike

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The Seaweed Cookbook

Try co-founder Xa Milne's delicious seaweed recipes

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VIDEO: Mara means 'The Sea' In Gaelic

We harvest seasonably, sustainably and locally on the East Coast of Scotland, honouring ancient traditions

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Furikake - Seaweed Sesame Flavour Fusion


Seaweed Shaker Tin Selecton Box


Smoked Applewood Dulse


Set of Mara Seaweed Pouches


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The Seaweed Cookbook with 3 Shaker Tins


The Seaweed Cookbook and Dulse Seaweed Tin


The Seaweed Cookbook with Dulse and Shony Tins


professional chefs love mara

"It's inexplicably delicious"

Paul Hollywood - Co-host of the BBC's Great British Bake Off

"a real taste of the wild"

Rose Prince - Writer, activist and judge of BBC Radio 4's Food & Farming Awards

"A very unique product, it's become one of our staple ingredients"

Michael Smith - Two Michelin starred chef

"The most exciting addition to my store cupboard for years"

Sarah Raven - TV Presenter, cook and author of The Garden Cookbook

Contribute Your Own Food Ideas

Silvy Weatherall - Delicious homemade dulse mayo for crab salad
Claire Jessiman - Kombu battered pollock goujons for fancy fish and chips
Alicia Grobelna - Beautiful freshwater trout baked with Shony for a midweek treat
You? - What would you cook? Send us your recipes to win seaweed vouchers!