Mara Man 100% Seaweed?

September 18 2014


alan munden
May 25 2015

Hi Rory

just heard you on the Radio and felt a little nostalgic and also wondered if you may be able to help; were bringing a showup to the ed fest Pipeline theatre “Spillikin a love story” all very exciting 4 actors and one of Wills humanoid robots all about alztheimers thereputic robotic care and love and hate. any how we have accomidation sorted for the 1st two weeks in August with a house sap and a lovely Boffy ting in Peables for a week but are still looking for a week toward the end of August for about 7 people. possably a house swap with our place here, and wondered if you had any thaughts,? your co workers look lovely hope your well and perhaps see you this summer love Alan xx

April 26 2015

Good to see you’re still alive and happy…

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