An interview with SeaEO Fiona Houston

January 19 2015


donna dodge
February 07 2015

Love the history and stories about the different seaweed. I have eaten seaweed since I was a little kid. I am Canadian from Nova Scotia. Right now my computer is messed up. I like the fact of baking and cooking with the different seaweed. If you could send me some more info about the seaweeds and recipes, that would be great. Are you going to be coming to Canada. I presently live between London and Chatham Ontario. This is my present address: P.O. Box 192 Highgate, Ontario Canada
It would be good to have a business operating here. My family sends seaweed to me at Christmas for me to eat, great stuff. Sounds great to use in baking and cooking.
Thanx Donna Dodge—Canada

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