It's Time to Swap Health Supplements for Seaweed

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Why choose seaweed over pills

When you’re trying to eat healthily, it’s hard balancing an ideal life with real life. But there’s one sacrifice you don’t have to make: health supplements.  

The body absorbs nutrients more easily from food than pills, so if you’re taking vitamins or tablets for a health boost, consider a daily dose of seaweed in your diet instead.

7 health benefits of eating seaweed

  1. Keep colds at bay with Vitamin B12, which helps your immune system.
  2. Stay strong: seaweed is packed with protein for healthy, growing muscles.
  3. Smile! Seaweed contains calcium, great for healthy teeth (and bones).
  4. Stop yawning: seaweed is loaded with iron, which helps move oxygen around your body and keeps you alert.
  5. Keep calm with potassium, which maintains normal blood pressure.
  6. Seaweed contains magnesium, which helps your nervous system function
  7. Seaweed is high in your good friend iodine. Ladies, you should know why that’s important.

Choose Mara Seaweed

You only need a minimum of 1 teaspoon of seaweed (2g) daily to enjoy these health benefits.

Mara's shake-on seaweed seasonings make it super easy to get these nutritional benefits into your diet. Simply add them to your meals to enhance the flavour of your food. No dietary restrictions. No weird smoothies. Just good eating and a sprinkle of sea magic.

      Plus it’s safe for all whole family - and that includes the dog!

      Mara Seaweed sprinkled on fried eggs

      Hard to swallow? Try our simple 7 day meal plan

      Discover just how simple it is to get a good feed with seaweed.

      Day 1 - Breakfast

      Sprinkle Shony over eggs, or for the vegans, try tofu scramble with Kombu kelp. Serve on toasted sourdough.

      Day 2 - Lunch

      Season tuna mayo mix with Dulse and enjoy it in a raw rainbow salad. Serve with a side of oatcakes.

      Day 3 - Dinner

      Stir Smoked Dulse into your bolognese ragu instead of dried herbs. If you’re vegetarian, try it in ratatouille made with chunky Mediterranean veg.

      Day 4 - Breakfast

      Big day ahead? Shake Shony or Dulse into porridge with dark berries for an oxidant-rich brekkie that’ll leave you fuller for longer.

      Day 5 - Lunch

      Enrich comforting cauliflower soup with toasted flaked almonds and a kick of umami from Kombu kelp. The little green flecks lift its appearance too, making this meal even more moreish!

      Day 6 - Dinner

      Fill up on fresh fish, oven-baked with a side of sweet potato mashed with Shony.

      Day 7 - Lunch or dinner

      Top your macaroni cheese with Smoked Dulse for the ultimate savoury delight. This one is irresistible!  


      Sounds too good to be true? Use code SEASKEPTIC to get 15% off your first order, and then let us know how you get on in the comments.


      Always consult your doctor before ceasing medication or making major changes to your diet.

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