Mara Seaweed Launches in USA – with a Brand New Product

June 29 2016


Mara Seaweed
November 15 2016

Hi Mare, thank you so much for your kind words! The Mara team work super hard to source the freshest seaweed with the best flavour, so we’re thrilled you appreciated our product so much. As you say, please keep checking back for when Mara Furikake is available in the US – we’re keen for you to have it ASAP too :)

November 11 2016

Like others who have commented here, I received Mara Furikake with a Blue Apron meal. The flavor it gave to the green beans was outstanding! Best green beans ever! I tried to find it to buy online, but could not. So, I bought another brand of furikake thinking they must all be the same. Well, they definitely are not! What I purchased was quite bland and did not add the flavor that the Mara brand did. I just found your website and will keep checking for info on being able to purchase for home use via Chefs’ Warehouse. Really looking forward to having a supply on hand in my kitchen!

Mara Seaweed
September 26 2016

Hi Lisa, we’re doing everything we can to get the Furikake in to home kitchens in the US! It’s looking like it’ll be closer to the end of the year before it’s possible but we promise we’ll be shouting about it loud and clear as soon as it’s available :) So pleased you enjoyed it.

September 20 2016

Like everyone else, I truly enjoyed the Furikake with my Blue Apron meal and would LOVE to know when at-home chefs might be able to order the blend. The Chef’s Warehouse doesn’t seem to carry the product yet. Thank you!

Mara Seaweed
August 22 2016

Hi John, delighted you loved our seaweed in your Blue Apron box. It’ll soon be available to buy from Chefs Warehouse – please keep an eye on our website for the launch details.

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