What is Furikake Seasoning?

October 24 2016


Mara Seaweed
April 03 2017

Hi Renee, thanks for your comments. Furikake will be on sale on Amazon US by mid-summer – we’re just in the process of getting everything set up now. Thanks for your patience!

Renee Williams
March 31 2017

My husband and I received a Blue Apron box that used Mara Seaweed Furikake in one of it’s meals. While my husband is a big fan of rice, I am not. BUT, I could become one with this seasoning in my panty. I want more! Any timeline on when it will be available for consumer purchase in the southern USA?

Mara Seaweed
January 09 2017

Thanks Rosie, glad you enjoyed it! We’re working hard to make Furikake available in the US ASAP.

January 06 2017

Just tried a blue apron recipe that had your seasoning….loved it and can’t wait to be able to order!

Mara Seaweed
November 15 2016

Hi Andrew, Furikake will be available in UK supermarkets next week. However, we’re still working on getting it into US retail and sadly it looks like early next year before we can finalise that. Sorry to keep you waiting.

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