Mara Seaweed Furikake

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A blend of savoury Seaweed, black and white Sesame Seeds and spicy Chilli Flakes

Mara Seaweed Furikake [fury-khaki] means shake-on rice seasoning in Japanese.

Mara's innovative Furikake seasoning has been carefully blended to bring an East-West flavour fusion of Celtic Kelp and Asian sesame and chilli flavours. 


Deep green, with a splash of black and white and specks of red


Salty, fiery


Chilli heat, sesame seed crunch, shot of savoury umami


Fibre, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron

Furikake Seasoning | Product Details

Ingredients: Black and white sesame seeds, seaweed, chilli flakes
Product of Scotland
Allergens: see italicised ingredients.

While we take every care during harvesting, this is a natural product from the sea, and so may contain traces of crustaceans and molluscs.

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Seaweed illustration

What Mara fans say about Furikake

“Love the stuff. I’m ordering it for me and for my vegan son.”

“I bought another brand of furikake thinking they must all be the same. Well, they definitely are not! What I purchased was quite bland and did not add the flavor that the Mara brand did.”
“My husband and I received a Blue Apron box that used Mara Seaweed Furikake in one of its meals. While my husband is a big fan of rice, I am not. BUT, I could become one with this seasoning in my pantry. I want more!”

How do I enjoy Furikake?

Furikake with rice

Of course, you can use Furikake to season rice, but it has much more to offer. Try Furikake as a seasoning on noodles, white fish and Asian-inspired dishes, or transform greens like broccoli or cabbage by sprinkling on a punch of this fiery flavour enhancer.

Furikake is also great at brunch, as a garnish on scrambled eggs or used to give avocado on toast a kick. Why not top smoked salmon with Furikake or stir it into cream cheese, for a welcome twist on a classic dish?
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Nutrition information

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Typical values per 100g

Typical values per 2g


2390kJ, 569 kcal 47.88kJ, 11.38kcal


34.7g, of which saturates 10.3g 0.7g, of which saturates 0.2g


12.7g, of which sugars 1g 0.3g, of which sugars (trace)


31.3g (104% DRI*) 0.6g (2.08% DRI)


35.8g (72% DRI) 0.72g (1.44% DRI)


1.65g 0.04g


656mg (82% DRI) 13.12mg (1.64% DRI)


258.7mg (69% DRI) 5.18mg (1.38% DRI)


4.70mg 0.1mg


1.30mg 0.02mg


8.1mg (58% DRI) 0.16mg (1.16% DRI)


3.7mg 0.08mg

*DRI = Dietary Reference Intakes

 *salt content due to naturally occurring sodium