Shony Shaker Tin

Shony Shaker Tin

Shony Shaker Tin


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Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award Winner: Retail Product, Condiments

World Food Innovation Award Finalist: Best New Condiment or Marinade

Mara Seaweed seasonings are artisan seaweed flakes, a natural superfood hand harvested from the elementally pure, cold seas around Scotland. An ancient food for modern cooks, Mara Seaweed can add real depth of flavour to modern dishes. 

Shony® is a unique blend of enriching seaweeds named after the ancient Hebridean sea god. This award-winning heavenly blend is a healthy flavour boost for everyday use.  

Shony is packed with iodine and is a source of potassium. Iodine contributes to normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, skin, thyroid, metabolism and healthy growth in children.


Serving suggestion: liberally sprinkle on eggs, salads, pasta, rice. Mix with butter or oil and use to coat chicken or fish. Delicious in baking and on stewed fruit.


"Very clean, powerful aroma of seaweed and the ocean. Great depth of flavour but also freshness." Great Taste Award judging panel


"I have happily used Shony instead of salt for the past three months. Tasty and healthy = WIN:WIN!" Martin, Great Miseenden


Ingredients: 100% seaweed species

Weight: 30g

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