10 Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Smoked salmon bagel with Mara Seaweed Furikake

One top tip: use seaweed in recipes!

Making sure your child enjoys a healthy lunch is often another hurdle on a long list of ‘back to school’ tasks. So take the pressure off with these 10 kid-friendly ideas for wholesome lunchtime meals.

They’re quick and simple with just one top tip: sneak Mara Seaweed into your wee one’s lunch box for a midday health boost. Seaweed salad might be a stretch, but it’s easier than you think to add the benefits of seaweed to a meal. And as part of a balanced lifestyle, seaweed is a safe and nutritious addition to a child's diet.

10 tasty lunch items your children will love

1. Shake Shony on to halved boiled eggs instead of salt and pepper, or mix it into egg mayo for sandwiches.

2. Pesto pasta is even tastier with Shony stirred in - or make your own pesto with Kombu

3. Spread cream cheese on mini toasted bagels or crackers and top with avocado or smoked salmon and Shony.

4. Sprinkle a generous amount of Smoked Dulse in to mac’n’cheese. Packed with umami, seaweed means you need less cheese. Great under the grill.

5. Shake Dulse on to tomatoes as part of a ham salad wrap.

6. A wee fruit salad with fresh strawberries is delicious with a sprinkle of Shony.

7. Give hearty veggie soups a flavour boost with delicious Dulse.

Veggie soup and Mara Seaweed

8. Stir Dulse into tuna mayo and layer with cucumber on seeded wholemeal bread.

9. Try making granola bars for snack time. Add a shake of Shony into the mix.

10. Add a level tablespoon of Dulse to a family-sized spaghetti bolognese at dinner, and enjoy leftovers for lunch.

back to school list

 What dishes do you make with seaweed for your kids? Let us know in the comments.


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