10 Ways To Use Seaweed

10 Ways To Use Seaweed

Mara Seaweed is all about harvesting the best of Scotland and sharing our mission to nourish body and soul with the world. That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight starting this week. To help you make the most of the two weeks of supporting sustainable Scottish producers, here’s 10 ways to use Mara! 


This is a great chance to celebrate the unmatched talent, outstanding produce and the innovative businesses at the heart of our amazing food and drink industry. It’s also a great excuse to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy some wholesome seaweed seasonings!


Ten ways to use seaweed


  1. Add Kombu to your beans

Beans on toast is a classic, so why not add to the flavour with a rich, umami taste from our Kombu powder. Beans are very healthy but the sauces they can come in can be packed with salt and sugar. Switching to Kombu can be a great way to add flavour and substitute salt.


  1. Serve with rice or fries

Mara makes everything taste better - but it’s especially good at jazzing up everyday meals and ingredients. Particularly, rice, fries and vegetables. A liberal sprinkle will add a depth of flavour beyond anything you’ve tasted before.


  1. Sprinkle it on a salad

Seaweed adds loads of flavour to spice up a salad, but it also adds vitamins and minerals to make it even more healthy. Salad can come to life with a pinch of Furikake instead of your usual dressings.


  1. Top your porridge with seaweed

When it comes to porridge, any toppings go! Whether it’s sweet or savoury you go for, a touch of Shony will add an incredible depth of flavour, leaving you feeling satisfied long after your last spoonful. 


  1. Place it on your table

You’ve got a salt mill and a pepper grinder - but what about seaweed pinch pot? It’s the perfect addition to all dinner tables. A scoop (or two) of Mara will improve the taste of any meal.


  1. In one of our delicious recipes

Our website is packed full of recipe inspiration for any diet. Whether you’re keeping it simple or cooking to impress, there’s a seaweed-infused something for you here.


  1. In cake!

Seaweed can most definitely improve sweet treats as well as savoury dishes. Our dulse seaweed is fantastic with chocolate! You’ll have to try it to believe it! Try our Chocolate Cake With Coffee and Smoked Dulse recipe here.


  1. On seafood

Most seaweed surprisingly doesn’t add a huge seafood flavour, instead seaweed adds a natural depth which compliments seafood perfectly, fresh fish, scallops and sushi all benefit from a liberal dash of Mara seasonings to cook or finish with.


  1. In Asian Cooking

Seaweed has been a staple of Asian cooking for hundreds of years and is at the heart of many delicious East Asian meals. Adding Kombu to your dashi stock or Shony to your Pho is always a delicious option.


  1. On mushrooms

Mara and mushrooms together create a flavour explosion! If you’re brave enough to wild forage, we recommend adding Mara to your bounty. However, Mara works well on any fungi friends, adding a depth of flavour you may never have experienced before. 



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