3 Ways to Have your Eggs on Easter Day

Boiled egg with Shony seaweed

Symbolic chocolate

The Easter egg: originally a symbol of new life. But for most excited schoolchildren this weekend, it means screaming "CHOCOLATE!" whilst running wildly around the garden in a mad scramble (geddit?!) for undiscovered eggs.

A different type of hunt

At Mara though, we’re talking about delicious, golden yolked organic eggs, straight from the chicken’s nest. We're on a hunt for healthy eating, and eggs fit that bill. Another great source of iodine, did you know eggs taste delicious with Mara Seaweed? 

How do you like your eggs?

We’ve come up with our three favourite ways to cook eggs with Mara seasonings, so you can get your egg fix on Easter Day the nutritional way (then follow up with chocolate).

  1. Poached egg on a bed of wilted, buttery spinach, sprinkled with Dulse.
  2. Creamy scrambled egg with Shony, served with smoked salmon or crumbled feta.
  3. Boiled egg with seaweed bread soldiers for a teatime treat.

In the words of a favourite Easter-time brand, how do you eat yours?


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