4 Reasons Why Men Need Seaweed Too

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Seaweed for everyone

Seaweed gets a lot of press as a superfood for women, but lads, let us tell you: it’s just as essential for good health in men. Here are four reasons why adding nutrient-rich seaweed to your diet will see you perform at your best.


Stay strong 

Want to know Popeye’s secret? His spinach was enriched with seaweed. Probably.

Well, it makes sense: Kombu is loaded with calcium, essential for strong bones, and Dulse is packed with protein, which boosts and maintains muscle mass. Whether you’re muscle-building or not boys, seaweed will keep you healthy.


Be like Popeye. Combine spinach with Shony, Mara’s unique blend of seaweeds, for a clean and healthy post-workout pick me up. It’ll soon be your go-to essential for repair and recovery after exercise.


Wake up!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed never goes out of fashion, so start eating seaweed and stop stifling those afternoon yawns.

Dulse is a healthy source of iron, which transports oxygen around the body and distributes it to cells in the form of haemoglobin. More oxygenated blood means less yawning, tiredness and fatigue.


Embrace the alkaline properties in seaweed to increase your vitality: try baking iron-rich kale with dulse as a side at dinner. You’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep and find coping with stress easier too.

Kale superfood salad with Mara Dulse flakes

Fuel yourself

Healthy eating is always a good start, but are you eating smart? Seaweed is high in fibre to keep you fuller for longer, which can help reduce snacking. With a lower sodium content than salt but the same umami kick, eating seaweed regularly can help reduce your desire for salty junk food too. 


It’s time to take steps towards the lean body you’ve always wanted: mix nuts and seeds with a shake of Shony for a fibre-fuelled energy boost that’ll stop you reaching for the crisps.


Hey, sexy

Want to stay gorgeous and, uh, on top of things? You need more iodine, pal! As well as preventing fatigue and muscle weakness, the thyroid gland, powered by iodine, releases the hormones responsible for your libido, sex appeal and youthful appearance. 


Seaweed is the best natural source of iodine and it’s said that a generous shake of Dulse on that most popular superfood, avocado, can do wonders for your sex appeal. But don’t just take our word for it...


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