A huge month for Mara - there’s no denying seaweed is the food of the moment and of the future

A huge month for Mara - there’s no denying seaweed is the food of the moment and of the future

From being featured on the menu at the inaugural Earthshot prize ceremony as well as being included in the catering for Glasgow’s COP26, there are many exciting things happening at Mara.



Mara is on influential menus up and down the UK and we’re not stopping there, now we’re turning our heads towards growth. Just how will seaweed change the world? Watch this space!


Our Marine Fund Scotland grant


You might have heard that we have been successful in securing a significant grant which will allow us to grow our production, start farming seaweed and help produce more Mara in a greener way! Thanks to the Scottish Government, we’re one step closer to a world where more of us are enjoying seaweed.


Seaweed is a carbon-negative crop, meaning it takes fewer resources to grow than other sources of protein. Even better, it can remove carbon from the atmosphere. That’s why we’ve been selected to receive a Marine Fund Scotland grant which will create more jobs for Scotland’s Blue Economy and help us to make more delicious seaweed in an even greener way.


Seaweed is the future


We believe seaweed is a huge part of the future of food and will play a major role in helping the world reach its targets for sustainable food systems and carbon reductions.


Seaweed is considered a sustainable, highly nutritious food source with a host of health benefits and it also has a positive impact on the atmosphere, taking up significant quantities of carbon dioxide every year.


International demand for high-quality seaweed is on the rise, which is great for us and the planet. Fancy picking up some seaweed to try out for yourself? Why not head to our shop?


Growing Scotland’s Blue Economy



Announcing the funding, Rural Affairs Secretary, Mairi Gougeon said: “This funding will support Mara Seaweed in furthering their commitment to creating more innovative and exciting products.


“I am delighted these sustainably-sourced quality products are attracting the attention of consumers in the national and international market.


 “This is another example of the innovative ways businesses in our valuable food and drink industry are adapting and playing an increasingly active role in addressing the challenges of climate change.”


A word from our SeaEO, Fiona Houston


“Sustainability is the bedrock of Mara Seaweed; seaweed production can play a huge role in helping the world reach its sustainable food systems and carbon reduction targets.


“Our involvement in events such as COP26 and Earthshot are exciting and significant to the seaweed industry. We are committed to spreading the message and opening people’s eyes to the sustainability benefits of seaweed production – it really is the future.


“We practice what we preach, and our aim is to be a fully carbon negative end to end supply chain within the next few years. This funding will play a significant role in helping us be more energy efficient and meeting that target, while creating important jobs for our fragile rural coastal communities.


“The prominence of seaweed among well-known chefs, restaurants and in the media is leading to more people trying it, and the more people buy it, the more good we can do for the environment and people’s health.”


“We are so thrilled to be viewed as an answer to the climate crisis. Not only do we believe seaweed is part of the solution to climate change, but it’s also delicious and highly nutritious, a genuine superfood of our blue planet.”  


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