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Mara Seaweed pouches selection

Help for the seaweed novice

We were pleased to find a review of our seaweed flakes on a blog called Random Food by Lynsey Clayton. 

Lynsey takes you through the different varieties of Mara Seaweed and gives an example of a dish they each work well with. Kombu was added to onion and parsnip soup, Shony sprinkled over her favourite mushroom and spinach risotto, and Dulse shaken over steamed kale.

Shake in flavour with Mara Seaweed flakes

Here's a taster of what Lynsey had to say about our seaweed:

"I was sent a lovely trio of Mara Seaweed flakes by Real Foods to try out and review. I’ve never experimented with different seaweeds that much before and I was keen to give them a try. They arrived in lovely little packages, with some brief descriptions and ideas. I’ll share with you the recipes I’ve tried them in so far.

I’ll start with the one I found the most versatile, the lovely Kombu. Described as ‘pure umami,’ which means the fifth taste sense (from glutamic acid), it’s often used as a flavour enhancer and can be used instead of salt."

Read the blog in full.


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