Algae: The Future of Food and Feed

The future is algae

Watch this space

As the issue of sustainability continues to grow, more and more research is being done on seaweed and how we can best utilise it to our advantage.

Below is an excerpt taken from the online magazine The Fish Sitein which the author explores the role that seaweed could play in working towards a more sustainable future.

"From health conscious consumers, to animal feed companies – it seems ‘everyone’ is searching for healthy and affordable sources of alternative protein and nutrients. Øistein Thorsen of Benchmark Sustainability Science, investigates a number of companies that are focusing their exploration to the base of the aquatic food chain – algae."

"In light of land and fresh water becoming increasingly scarce, algae’s rich biodiversity and high levels of protein and lipids (Omega 3, EPA) lead many to believe in its future potential as a food crop for both people and animals..."

We couldn't agree more!

Read the full article, by Oistein Thorsen; published 5th Feb 2016.


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