Seaweed for Foodservice part 1: Applewood Smoked Dulse

Mara Seaweed catering tub of Applewood Smoked Dulse

Seaweed for hospitality and catering

Welcome to our series of blogs for chefs, Seaweed for Foodservice. In our first instalment we're looking at Applewood Smoked Dulse and we'll be exploring Kombu Powder in part two.

5 Reasons Chefs Love Mara Seaweed

  1. Mara Seaweed is an unusual new ingredient with which to experiment. Who doesn't like having new toys?
  2. Mara Seaweed has versatile applications, from canapes to desserts.
  3. ...and enhances the flavours of a variety of different cuisines, from pizza and pasta to burgers, curries and ramen.
  4. Mara Seaweed is dried gently to retain fresh sea flavors.
  5. Mara Seaweed is SALSA accredited, ensuring all our processes from sea to plate are traceable and guaranteed

How to use Applewood Smoked Dulse

Mara's award-winning gently Smoked Dulse seaweed is a smouldering umami powder with a hint of the sea. Choose it as a simple and effective way to add savouriness to dishes.

Adding meatiness

Make meat dishes more mouth-watering: try lightly coating lamb chops in flour and Smoked Dulse or combining it with mince to make the ultimate burger.

Many chefs love the idea of adding meatiness to their vegetarian dishes too. One chef with a ramen shop expressed interest in using Applewood Smoked Dulse as a way to boost a vegetarian ramen he always felt was lacking that lip-smacking flavour.

Enhancing dairy

Mix Applewood Smoked Dulse into mayonnaise or use it to make tartar sauce. Enjoy as a dip for fries or spread in club sandwiches, steak baguettes and BLTs.


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