Seaweed for Foodservice part 2: Kombu Kelp Powder

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Welcome to our series of blogs for chefs, Seaweed for Foodservice. In part one we discussed Applewood Smoked Dulse, and in part two we're looking at beautiful Kombu Kelp Powder.

5 Reasons to Love Seaweed Powder

  1. Seaweed powder is more than flavour; it's a taste experience.
  2. Because 1 tsp of seaweed powder has a greater surface area than seaweed flakes, flavours melt across the palate creating a smooth crescendo of umami.
  3. The increased surface area of powders also work better in baking, as it's easier for the powder to bind more readily with other ingredients.
  4. The finer grains in powder offer a more neutral texture compared to seaweed flakes, which can add bite.
  5. Powders combine evenly with other spices when blending rubs and marinades. 

How to use Kombu Kelp Powder

As stock

Rich, earthy and distinguished, Kombu Powder tastes less salty or bitter than flakes. And it packs quite the powerful flavour boost.

Customer feedback from Japanese chefs who are familiar working with kombu suggests the powdered format gives a new experience of the flavour.

Try spooning kelp powder into the base of fragrant curries, comforting soups and hearty stews, or use it in the poaching liquid for fish or chicken.

As a seasoning

Make dishes irresistibly moreish with the ultimate umami hit. Toss popcorn or pommes frites-style skinny fries in Kombu Powder, or try pairing it with oregano or rosemary.

Grant Brunsden, Head Chef at London's Sexy Fish, uses Kombu Powder to season his fantastic salt and pepper squid.

With its robust flavour profile, powdered kelp is also great for adding savouriness to vegan dishes in place of Parmesan. Or, for non-vegan dishes, go all out: sprinkle generously on melted cheese for mouth-watering burgers.


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