Discover Milk Chocolate with Dulse

Discover milk chocolate bar with Dulse Dulse Seaweed Flakes 30g Pouch - add to basket

An unexpected pleasure?

Chocolate and Dulse is our favourite combination – one Mara Maid even sprinkles Dulse on her Nutella and toast! So we were very excited to hear from the innovative chocolate company Discover that they have produced a chocolate bar with dulse seaweed.

All in the name of "research" - and for the sake of upholding our names as seaweed aficionados - we just HAD to give them a try…

A healthier choice

Discover's bar is a very smooth, sweet chocolate, and you would never guess there's no added sugar. Instead, it's sweetened with stevia, a natural plant extract with no calories, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar in the same concentration.

We liked the fun graphics on the packaging and the flecks of dulse on the chocolate were very pretty. For seaweed connoisseurs like ourselves however, we did find the dulse content a little sparse.

The seaweed is not mixed through but rather sprinkled on one side of the bar. If you place the dulse-flecked side on your tongue, then the seaweed melts across your palate with the chocolate, and gives a slightly salty edge to the sweetness.

More seaweed, please!

After the Mara Maid taste test, the majority vote was that we would have preferred more dulse and perhaps a dark chocolate bar. This combination has been tested by us before and met with much approval from our taste buds.

But taste is personal, of course. For those who like their chocolate sweet and want a gentle saltiness with added minerals - or need a soft approach into the sweeter side of seaweed - then this chocolate is for you!

Free chocolate?

If you fancy winning a Mara Dulse shaker tin and a Discover Dulse Chocolate Bar, then you should try your luck in our mother's day competition before March 11th. 


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