Donkeys Find Dulse Delicious!

Donkey enjoying dulse seaweed

Maraman meets Mildred

Maraman was recently engaged in extensive and highly randomised research work with a donkey called Mildred. 

Rather lonely in a Celtic field, Mildred was clearly in need of dietary advice. She was offered a choice: fresh grass, Alexanders (a kind of aromatic wild parsley), dulse seaweed and carrageenan seaweed. 

A clear winner

Dulse seaweed was a clear winner, shown here in its dried, whole leaf form. The alacrity with which this snack was dispatched is clearly demonstrated by the blurry image. 

But dulse is not (only) for donkeys! Mara Seaweed has a harvesting team scouring the shoreline for pure, nutrient-rich Dulse. This will be processed to the highest food quality standards in our bespoke, SALSA-approved seaweed factory, before being offered to discerning customers looking for high nutrient/low-calorie foods. 

Until they're allowed into M&S, donkeys will just have to rely on the kindness of strangers.


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