Dulse Seaweed Recognised as a ‘Forgotten Food’

Whole leaf fresh dulse seaweed - add to basket

Forgotten Food producer

Dulse seaweed has been named one of seven new 'Forgotten Foods,' as nominated by chefs from the Slow Food Chef Alliance.

In turn, Mara Seaweed has been recognised by Slow Food UK as a Forgotten Food producer; a badge we're proud to wear.

Protecting biodiversity

The Forgotten Foods programme seeks to promote Britain's traditional food and drink, and the expert knowledge and cultural traditions that come with them. These can get lost in the noise of fast-paced modern living, intensive production methods and excessive legislation.  

With the demise of traditional foods we lose choice, flavour and the varied landscape and wildlife associated with traditional farming. In short, we lose biodiversity.

All aboard the Ark of Taste

The Forgotten Foods programme (known also in the UK as the 'Ark of Taste') travels the country collecting small-scale quality produce.

These items are threatened by industrial agriculture, environmental degradation and homogenisation. Slow Food aims to safeguard them and preserve edible biodiversity around the world.

Seaweed is increasingly important to the environment, and delicious dulse has a rich cultural heritage. So we couldn't agree more with Slow Food's decision to protect everyone's favourite red seaweed.

Find out more

Read Slow Food's informative and succinct write up on the history and distinctive features of dulse.

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