Embrace The Connection Between Yoga and Seaweed

Floating inspirational seaweed

Let yoga connect you to the ocean

When it comes to participating in activities that nourish our bodies and souls, there's not one much better for you than yoga.

Yogi, surfer and Lululemon ambassador Eoin Finn gives advice to yoga storyteller Alana from Lululemon. Eoin explains how to keep us supple and connected to the ocean with his 'let your spine be loose like seaweed' move. It's not a difficult move, and it can even be done in the office to get the blood and creativity flowing!

Eoin's move, combined with the health benefits of eating Mara Seaweed will definitely leave your body and soul feeling more than nourished. Get a taste in this extract from the full article, available on the Lululemon blog.

Benefit from ocean inspiration

What does it mean to make our spine loose like seaweed?

"When I cue students to fold forward from the hips, I tell them to let their heads get heavy on their spines and free the arms to dangle side to side like seaweed undulating in an ocean current. When we relax our body and mind we can feel the rhythms of our energy body and we release all stiffness, tension and stress. This opens us up to a deep experience of presence and bliss."

What does yoga have to do with the ocean?

"The ocean is my biggest fuel. To me, it is a shrine of beauty and interconnection. When I stand in front of the ocean I realize that I am no longer contained by four walls, nor am I walled in by my problems or stress. Instead, there is part of me that is as vast and beautiful as an oceanic horizon. Touching this place in all of us, is the source of health and our deepest joy. One of my life’s major goals is to allow more people to feel the same magic I do when I am by the ocean."

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Image credit: Lululemon.


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