Mara Wins Great Taste Awards Three Years Running

Mara products wins Great Taste Award 2012-2014

Gold Star awards

Mara has received a Great Taste Award Gold Star for two of our products: Shony, our own special blend, and Truffle of the Sea.

Shony combines jade, emerald and ruby coloured seaweeds to deliver a unique, triple hit of flavour. It's also a nutritional powerhouse, packing in the maximum amount of nutrients from different species of seaweed.

Truffle of the Sea is a seasoning made from Pepper Dulse. The flavour of this species of Dulse is complex, with hints of garlic, black pepper and ocean salts.

A lot to be proud of

Pepper Dulse is a favourite of many of the UK's top chefs including Michael Smith, Andrew Fairlie and Martin Wishart. Something we wear as a badge of honour, too. (Sadly, we no longer sell this product.) 

But we're especially pleased with our stars because the Great Taste Awards are judged simply on flavour. In total, more than 12 judges will have tasted each product. So we're immensely proud to have won these awards three years running, in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 

Here's to many more to come!


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