How to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need during Veganuary

How to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need during Veganuary

If you’re one of the 500,000 people in the UK cutting meat and dairy from their products this Veganuary, it’s wise to learn about the vitamins and minerals you’ll be missing when switching to a plant-based diet.

Seaweed is one way to make sure you get all the essential plant-based nutrients that are normally attributed to animal products. 

Luckily, seaweed always has (and always will) be vegan. And even better than that - it’s healthy and delicious too. We may be biased, but plenty of people think so too. In fact, we’ve even got 4.9 out of 5 in reviews of our products on Feefo. 

So seaweed is healthy, yummy and vegan? Here are the best ways to use it more, helping you to succeed in your Veganuary mission. 

Shake on anything

Seaweed can be used as an easy addition to enrich dishes with deep and intense flavours, an element sometimes missing in home vegan cooking. It can be integrated into your favourite recipes to add flavour, nutrition, and can be used as a salt replacement

As it’s naturally packed full of rich flavour, start with just a sprinkle on top of your favourite meal or snack, and before you know it you will be eating spoonfuls of seaweed into your home cooking. Our seaweed seasonings are available at most Tesco stores in the herbs and spices aisle - so they’re super easy to get your hands on, or you can order from our website

Seaweed satisfies umami cravings whilst also being good for you. Foods with more ‘umami qualities’ have been shown to increase satiety or feeling full, and, together with being high in fibre, seaweed is good for helping you to lose weight and improve your gut health. 

Drink it in a delicious smoothie or juice

One of the easiest ways to get a full dose of greens into you is to blend a healthy smoothie or juice. The great thing about smoothies is, you can use whatever you like in them which can help to reduce food waste. 

Have some greens lying around? Blend with a spoonful or two of any of our products: shony, delicious dulse or kombu to make a superfood smoothie. Like this one.

Make it sweet

Being vegan doesn’t need to be all about health, it’s about nourishing your body in a holistic way - and sometimes that involves a sweet treat or two. 

We even think the secret to Veganuary success is planning for the moments you’re going to crave chocolate or something sweet and having a swap ready to go. Seaweed can be your secret weapon.

There are a ton of recipes on our website which you can filter by dietary requirements like veggie and vegan, we suggest the delicious berry, nutty porridge with dulse or the rich tropical chocolate cake with shony

Learn about the health benefits

Seaweed contains metabolising combinations of iron, potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium, fibre, zinc and protein, which are all necessary for any diet.

Iodine and calcium are two nutrients that are difficult to find in non-meat products and are crucial for thyroid health as well as bone density and strength. 

Learning about the upsides of a vegan diet (as well as the things you should be supplementing) is key to keeping it up for your challenge - or maybe even longer. 

Learning about the health benefits of seaweed and other vegan staples can help you feel enthused and empowered when taking on veganuary. 

Be sure to check out the recipe section of our website for inspiration and follow us on social media for recipes and vegan-friendly snack ideas throughout the month. 

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