How To Use Dulse Seaweed Flakes

How To Use Dulse Seaweed Flakes Dulse Seaweed Flakes 30g Pouch - add to basket

Dulse is a delicious seaweed which is native to Scotland, where it has been consumed for centuries. One of our most popular seaweeds we harvest at Mara, Dulse is full of a lingering, smoky, umami flavour.

Maybe you have some Dulse in your store cupboard, but you don’t know how to use it. Perhaps you’ve tried Shony® and now want to open your eyes to other varieties of Seaweed. You might have never even tried seaweed before and are looking for how to start your journey. Well, this is your guide on how to use Dulse to create memorable meals which are easy to make and full of flavour.

Here are five ways to use Dulse in your dishes:




Like most seaweeds, Dulse is naturally full of glutamic acids which occur naturally from the growing process - this is what gives it its distinct umami flavour. However, Dulse is especially hearty, which makes it great for seasoning powerful meats like venison and steak.

For an extra savoury hit in any dish, especially is trying to reduce or remove salt, use Dulse flakes to season steak or lamb chops before cooking. You will love the rich flavour, similar to the depth of flavour achieved when using mushrooms. It’s slightly salty - but without the excess sodium or negative health impact of salt.




Similarly, Dulse can help bring out and enhance the natural flavour of veggies, the dark leafy kind in particular. To pack in even more vitamins and minerals into a weeknight meal, why not sprinkle Dulse flakes onto kale or broccoli to accompany the main event? Or why not try this ultimate superfood salad with Dulse flakes?

Our hearty Dulse flakes are packed with essential minerals which can help to support thyroid function: making it a great ingredient for those trying to improve their healthy lifestyle or manage their weight.




You might think this is a little left-field, but chefs have been enhancing the flavours in chocolate with salt, chilli and ginger for many years. Dulse will make your chocolate more intense in flavour and add a twist you don’t try every day!

For a salted caramel-style treat, try pairing Dulse with dark chocolate. Just combine a pinch of Dulse with the other dry ingredients in your brownie or truffle recipe and enjoy. You can see more Dulse dessert inspiration here.




With Dulse around, food need never be boring again! Even the simplest of ingredients like tomatoes and condiments can be made better with the rich full flavour that Dulse brings.

If you are a sauce lover and want to try something a bit different, why not try to create your own Dulse mayo? This simple recipe takes just five to ten minutes and could revolutionise your regular meals. Mexican fans will also appreciate adding a generous spoonful of Dulse to their guacamole for an incredible flavour and mineral boost.




If you’re a fan of bold flavour - you won’t want to miss trying this Dulse with smoked mackerel recipe. While milder blends such as Shony® go well on salmon and lighter seafood, Dulse is excellent for cutting through and adding to the immense flavour of smoked mackerel, giving it a meaty flavour.

Sometimes dubbed 'vegetarian bacon', Dulse has a wonderful flavour that pairs well with most seafood.




“Dulse is great on roasted veg.”


“A very rich, salty taste of the sea. But not the saltiness you associate with crisps, something deeper. I enjoyed it and it definitely added to the rich kale.”


"I found Dulse worked really well with spicy lamb casseroles, linguine, chilli, garlic and shellfish."


Give it a try!

Try some for yourself and let us know how much you enjoy cooking with seaweed.

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