Is Seaweed The Best Workout Snack?

ulse seaweed mixed with toasted seeds and nuts

A snack before and after a workout is an essential part of any exercise regime. Seaweed can provide a boost of many of the nutrients needed by your body.

Mara Seaweed compared to other superfoods

  • 2g of Dulse or Shony contains more potassium than 2g of spinach powder. Potassium eases the tension on blood vessels, helping you feel energised. 
  • 2g of Dulse contains more manganese than spirulina, flax seeds or sunflower seeds. Manganese helps repair connective tissue, essential after a workout.
  • 2g of Shony contains more iron than macca powder, baobab powder, sunflower seeds or flax seeds. Iron helps transport oxygen around the body, helping you go further.
  • 2g of Kombu has more copper than 2g of banana powder. Copper helps to absorb iron.
  • 2g of Dulse, Shony or Kombu contains more protein than baobab, bilberry or banana powder. Protein plays an important role in muscle gain. 

Pre-workout energy boost

Carbs, protein and glucose all help to support you during a workout. Eating seaweed as part of your pre-workout snack fuels your body with nutrients, meaning a more effective, more energetic and more sustained workout. 

However, seaweed is low in carbohydrates and calories, so try adding it to other workout snacks. A shake of Furikake on hummus is great served with wholewheat pitta bread as a source of energy-sustaining carbs before you hit the gym.

Mara Seaweed Furikake on hummus

Post-workout pick-me-up

Seaweed also helps to replenish minerals lost in sweat. As well as water, sweat contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc and amino acids. As we sweat these nutrients out, fatigue sets in and the ability to to push hard diminishes. 

Seaweed helps to prevent cramps because it restores your mineral and electrolyte balance. The organic nature of seaweed means it’s easily converted into micro-nutrients, so it's perfect for a quick post-gym mineral hit. Try 2 tsp of dulse in a green smoothie and think of it like a natural (and healthier!) sugary sports drink. 

Seaweed smoothie with Mara Seaweed Dulse flakes

Add seaweed for nutritionally balanced meals

Although Mara Seaweed is easy to add to nutritious smoothies, if you find there’s no satisfaction in a shake then try adding seaweed to your favourite muscle-building meals instead. When you’re looking for more bite, Dulse is delicious in homemade burgers, on crispy baked kale or mixed with butter on top of fresh salmon.

Dulse, salmon and broccoli post workout meal

Trust the experts in eating

In any regime of weight loss and improved fitness it’s important to consider several aspects: exercise, recovery and diet.

Since we spend a lot of time on the beach, it’s true that we know a thing or two about running on sand, moving quickly through cold water and lifting heavy weights. (25kg wet seaweed, anyone?)

But in reality, we’re more the experts when it comes to eating - especially our favourite superfood. So if you’re on your way to a leaner, healthier you, seaweed is what you need in your next feed.

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