Is your New Year’s resolution to eat less salt? Here's how seaweed can help

Is your New Year’s resolution to eat less salt? Here's how seaweed can help

We all know that sluggish January feeling after the festive indulgence, so it's no wonder that many of us look for a change in our diet.


Resolving to wake at 6am to go to the gym or to consume mountains of kale might seem like the answer to your problems, but there might be an easier solution. And it just might come from the sea.


You might think reducing your salt intake would result in a big sacrifice on flavour, but it doesn’t need to, not with our umami flavour enhancing superfood. Our mission is to nourish body and soul by providing easier access to the most nutritious, delicious, and sustainable superfood around - seaweed. Healthier choices shouldn’t be bland or boring, and that’s why we resolved to create a secret weapon.


Seaweed is a brilliant healthy salt substitute in any meal. Here’s why you should swap the salt mill for a tin of Mara Seaweed flakes in 2022.



Add a healthy salt!


Although both salt and seaweed are harvested from the sea, seaweed contains 85% less sodium than table salt. It also contains a whole host of additional health benefits, one of the most mineralised vegetables on earth…fact! While most salts are made up of 100% sodium chloride, seaweed flakes are made from a variety of different vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, and potassium.


Does it really taste nice?


Gregg Wallace thinks so! And chefs all over the world would agree.


Seaweed flakes don’t only add saltiness, they can enhance the flavours already present in a dish. This is down to something called ‘umami’, which is more than a fancy buzzword used by food critics! Umami flavours are intense and satisfying, they add ‘oomph’ to any dish, whether sweet or savoury.


Why not test it yourself? Try out one of our recipes to experience the umami flavour that is perfect in any meal - whether it’s Michelin-starred or home cooked.


Magnesium - the miracle mineral for body and soul


Magnesium is one of the biggest health benefits of seaweed.


Magnesium plays a part in hundreds of chemical processes vital to our physical and mental health. From muscle movement and regeneration, to converting food into energy, we wouldn’t be able to survive without it. The mineral is fundamental to our nervous system regulation, and has even been linked to fighting depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


Say goodbye to low energy


With darker nights and colder temperatures, Winter can be a hard time for our energy levels. Could seaweed be the cure?


Seaweed is packed full of nutrients such as fibre, which slows digestion and reduces spikes in blood sugar, leaving us feeling fuller for longer. No more afternoon energy slumps.


Seaweed can even boost our immunity


Mara Seaweed contains B Vitamins and Vitamin C, which both play an important part in boosting our immune system.


… and transform our metabolism!


Iodine deficiency is surprisingly common in the UK, and without it our bodies struggle to maintain a healthy metabolism and hormone production. Seaweed is high in iodine and consuming a little each day can be transformative for our metabolic rate.


Taking part in Veganuary this year? Seaweed is your best friend


Mara Seaweed also contains high levels of calcium, particularly useful if you’re thinking of taking part in Veganuary and cutting out dairy products. For more useful tips on incorporating seaweed into a vegan diet, check out our recent blog.


Now is the best time to make the switch


Christmas, and the salty food that often comes with it, can leave our bodies and minds feeling less than come January. So, if you’re thinking about making a change to your diet, why not swap the salt mill to Mara tin?


Find out more about Mara Seaweed here.

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