It's Easy To Eat More Seaweed

Mara Seaweed Dulse flakes catering tub

Catering tubs of seaweed for all!

You needn't worry about running out of seaweed any more: this week, we made catering-size tubs available to retail customers through our online shop.

The range of 120g catering tubs was previously only available to chefs and foodservice. But due to customer demand, these larger containers of edible seaweed have now been added to Mara’s website.

Easy to use seaweed flakes

Mara's rock salt-sized seaweed flakes are designed to be as simple as possible to add to food, encouraging more people to introduce seaweed into their diet. The Mara website offers a wealth of healthy seaweed recipe ideas to get customers started.

The new tubs make it easy to spoon seaweed into soups, stews, mixes and marinades and are ideal for refilling existing Mara products, such as shaker tins.

New flavours and textures

The catering tubs will also introduce three new products to home chefs: Dulse powder, Kombu kelp powder and Smoked Kombu Kelp Powder.

Already popular with professional chefs, powdered seaweed is perfect for those who require a finer consistency or want a more intense burst of flavour. The smaller particles have more surface area to release flavour, allowing the texture to melt across your palate.

Try seaweed powder as an alternative to salt by shaking it onto popcorn, or mix it into baking, especially bread. It's also ideal stirred into ramen for extra savouriness.

Mara Seaweed’s four original favourites, Dulse, Kombu, Shony and award-winning Applewood Smoked Dulse, are also available in catering tubs as flakes.


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