Jamie Oliver Magazine Features Mara Seaweed

Jamie magazine featuring Mara Seaweed

Best of British Producers

Turn to page 51 of the latest Jamie Oliver Magazine and you'll see a picture of Mara's Fiona Houston looking just 'pukka' after harvesting fresh dulse!

The current edition of the magazine focuses on 'best of British producers' and celebrates Mara Seaweed in a section dedicated to small-batch food makers. Mara is recognised for reviving the tradition of seaweed harvesting and bringing an exceptionally healthy product to market. 

Impressive health credentials

The magazine explains, "[p]roducers like Mara Seaweed are reviving the ancient practice of gathering dulse from the shores of Scotland's east coast. The seaweed is air-dried, then milled into flakes, ready for sprinkling on scrambled eggs". 

Because of its impressive health credentials and delicious flavour, Jamie Oliver is himself a big advocate for the use of seaweed, and even credited it for helping him to lose weight last year.

If you don't already have a copy, make sure you go out and buy one! The magazine is packed full of British food heroes, companies, shops and products. 

mara seaweed in jamie oliver magazine

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