How to Liven Up Your Salads with Seaweed

Summer slaw with Mara Seaweed Furikake

Get your superfood fix with a seaweed salad

So you know seaweed was named one the hottest superfood trends of 2016 and is back for 2017. (And we like to think, 2018, 2019, 2020...)

And you’re aware of its incredible health benefits; that it’s rich in thyroid-friendly iodine and packed with fibre and protein to aid weight loss.

You’ve heard seaweed has an amazing taste profile, too. Rich in umami, ‘the fifth taste’, it’s a natural alternative to salt when you want to add depth of flavour to dishes.

But... how much seaweed have you eaten?

Fresh salads are a perfect start

Don’t worry, we at Mara understand. It can be hard to make the transition from seaweed enthusiast to seaweed consumer. But as the UK’s leading sea-to-shelf seaweed experts, we’re here to help. We're here to say: put seaweed in your salads.

Our core range of award-winning seaweeds – Dulse, Kombu kelp, Furikake and our unique blend, Shony – all come in easy-to-use shaker tins to sprinkle over your lunch or stir into your dinner.


Try these 7 ideas for a healthy 'oomph' at lunch 

Shake it up with this Avocado Salad with a wasabi and Shony dressing:

Cicely Violet's avocado salad with Shony and wasabi

Fire things up with this Thai-Style Glass Noodle Salad with seaweed:

Thai-style glass noodle salad with Shony

Fill up with this delicious Pearl Barley and Shony Tabbouleh by co-founder Xa Milne, from The Seaweed Cookbook:

Xa Milne's tabbouleh from The Seaweed Cookbook

    Eat your greens! Try this Ultimate Superfood Salad with Dulse Seaweed Flakes:

    Ultimate superfood salad with kale and Dulse seaweed

    Toasted chickpeas and nuts with Shony is your new favourite post-gym protein-rich savoury snack:

    Chickpeas, seeds and nuts toasted with Dulse

    Easy Grilled Flatbreads with Kombu kelp powder are amazing served warm with this Smoked Dulse-Infused Guacamole:

    Guacamole and Mara Seaweed Dulse

    As a side or the main event, this fresh and crunchy Raw Slaw with Furikake is a winner:

    Summer Slaw with Furikake

    There you are: 7 light and simple salad recipes to get your first seaweed fix. They partner perfectly with grilled dishes whether you’re dining indoors or picnicking outside. Or, for a hearty office lunch, stir in some freshly cooked quinoa or Camargue rice. You're welcome.


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