Mara in The Times: "A Taste of Things to Come"

Mara Seaweed in The Times September 2016

"Why would you grow tonnes and tonnes of the most incredibly nutritious food and then burn it?"

Seaweed is kind of a big deal right now

Since you probably don't have Google Alerts set up for 'seaweed' like we do, let us tell you there's a lot of chatter about the industry. Whether it's on your dinner plate, feeding your local farmer's pig or powering up as biofuel, the many applications of seaweed are being discussed far and wide.  

Mara SeaEO comments on the industry

So we were thrilled to feature in The Times on 27th September to offer Mara's perspective. Our co-founder and SeaEO Fiona Houston reflected on the current position of the industry for an article in the business section entitled, "Scotland looks to the sea for a taste of things to come."

You can read the full article on The Times, or squint at the picture below. 

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Mara Seaweed full article in The Times Sept 2016

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