Mara Joins the Big Beach Clean

Mara Seaweed team cleaning Cramond beach

Local efforts

Some of our best-loved marine wildlife is under threat from the waste and litter in our seas, with hundreds of species accidentally eating or becoming entangled in rubbish each year. As ocean-lovers, it breaks our heart to read these stories - and witness it on our local beaches.

So today Mara joined the fantastic Marine Conservation Society and Marks and Spencer for their Spring Big Beach Clean on Cramond Beach. (Cramond is in North Edinburgh, near Mara's office - the beaches in Fife where we harvest seaweed have been voted some of the cleanest in the country!)

Hands on

Armed with only gloves and a bin bag we joined 30 other volunteers. We collected and recorded a surprisingly large quantity of rubbish that was lurking under the sand or in piles of debris washed up by the tide.

The day was a real eye opener and goes to show that all of Mara's efforts to find clean coastal spots to harvest our seaweed are completely worth it.

Get involved

What started out as a lovely sunny if blowy day soon brought heavy rain clouds that soaked us through. At this point, having collected 2 bin bags' worth each, we decided to head back to the office for a well earned coffee! When it comes to weather, it seems the office team aren't as hardy as our harvesters...

Feeling inspired to do your bit? If you want to join a beach clean near you, have a look here - they run frequently around the country and it's definitely worthwhile.

Reviewing the efforts of the Big Beach Clean

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