Maraman Goes Hunting for Kombu

Maraman Rory MacPhee with Kombu

The search for seaweed

Maraman spends as much time as he can AWAY from Mara HQ. No offence, colleagues, but 'tis preferable to be under the lowering skies with seals barking in the near distance.

Searching for clean and fast-running tidal waters, Maraman looks intently at fronds of seaweed. If there is any discolouration or mottling, then likely as not the plant is in reproductive mode. Don't harvest; it's best to wait. 

Kombu comes into season

Now, in February, laminaria digitata is coming into season. This is sold in milled form as Mara Seaweed Kombu kelp.

Not to be confused with laminaria hyperborea (classified as a "non-food"), digitata is found weaving its way out of the water on the lowest tides. 

The hunter must be fast and sure-footed, with a coherent process of spot/cut/bag/load. Each scything cut takes half of the plant - the top half - which allows re-growth. Taking a sustainable approach towards this future food is central to Mara Seaweed's ethos.


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