Mara Seaweed in New York Times Magazine

Mara Seaweed in New York Times magazine

Team Mara are thrilled to be featured in New York Times Magazine this week. 

"Scotland's Love Affair With Seaweed"

From the Victorian ladies who harvested seaweed to press in their scrap books, to our own Fiona Houston, who describes "the pleasures of harvesting as “like walking into an undiscovered forest,”" the article traces a centuries-long journey across the mountains and beaches of Scotland's remote coastal areas.

"To many urban westerners, seaweed is Asian fare, a staple of the sushi bar, but it has long been regarded as a delicacy in the western highlands and islands of Scotland."


A part of the story

The New York Times piece is an enjoyable and informative exploration of the evolution of Western seaweed culture, and Mara is pleased to be a part of that rich history. We may have swapped petticoats for drysuits and lifevests, but we're as committed to pure, nutritious Scottish seaweeds as the Victorians and 6th century monks. 

You can read the full article online, or for those Stateside, pick up a copy of New York Times magazine from Saturday.

Mara Seaweed is available online and to US consumers in Blue Apron meal boxes.

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