Mara Seaweed Launches UK-wide in Morrisons Supermarkets

Mara Seaweed Shony and Furikake pouches, as available in Morrisons supermarkets Shony Seaweed Flakes 30g Pouch - add to basket

Mara available in over 400 Morrisons

This morning, November 21st, Team Mara collectively (but figuratively) jumped for joy.

After many months of hard work, Mara's seaweed blends, Shony and Furikake, are in a major UK supermarket for the first time. Mara's products are now available in 403 Morrisons stores nationwide. 

There's a new seasoning in town

Shony and Furikake can be found in beautifully re-designed packaging alongside the herbs and spices in the condiments aisle. 

Co-founder and SeaEO Fiona Houston said she was "delighted" to bring the incredible benefits of seaweed to so many consumers. It's part of Mara's mission to Nourish Body and Soul. Fiona commented, 

"People want to buy products with both great taste and fantastic nutritional benefits."


Furikake comes to the UK

UK Mara fans who've been following the success of Furikake in America will at last have the opportunity to try our newest seaweed seasoning.

A combination of chilli, sesame seeds and Dulse seaweed, Furikake launched in July but has only been available in US subscription meal boxes until now.

Furikake will be on sale exclusively in Morrisons until 2017, so if you've been hankering to try it, we'll see you at the checkout!

New Mara Furikake Morrisons packaging

Discover Mara's seaweed blends

Find out more about the two Mara Seaweed products in Morrisons in our blogs: "What is Shony?" and "What is Furikake?" Then head to your local Morrisons store to pick some up! We'd love to see your selfies with the new pouches.

You can also send us pictures of your #MaraMeals on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and inspire other Mara fans with what you're making. There's plenty of inspiration on our recipe pages.



For more technical info, please read our commercial press release below. You can also contact for hi-res photos or press enquiries. 

Mara Seaweed Furikake sprinkled liberally on salmon fillets


Scotland’s leading seaweed brand, Mara Seaweed, today announce a deal with supermarket chain Morrisons.

Edinburgh-based Mara will put its two unique seaweed blends, Shony and Furikake, on shelves in 403 Morrisons stores nationwide.

The new listing will make Furikake available to UK consumers for the first time, including London and the South-East. Previously Furikake had only been launched in America, as part of tailored meal boxes.

The launch is Mara’s first expansion into a major UK supermarket and the biggest deal of its kind for a seaweed seasoning.

The deal comes as Morrisons reports a fourth consecutive quarter of like-for-like sales growth, part of a strategy to offer consumers more ‘upmarket’ produce.

Mara’s co-founder and “SeaEO” Fiona Houston thinks Mara and Morrisons are a perfect match, because “seaweed is an ancient superfood for modern thinkers.”

“We’re delighted to partner with Morrisons,” Houston said. “It’s an exciting time for both of us. We share the belief that seaweed is relevant to a British public ready to explore it as an ingredient beyond sushi.”

As well as enhancing the flavour of food, Mara Seaweed offers unrivalled health benefits.

Shony [show-knee] combines several nutrient-rich seaweed species, hand-harvested from select spots in Celtic waters.

The unique blend is designed to bring a powerful boost of minerals, fibre, protein and iodine to meals, in a combination not found anywhere else.

Shony was also created to have a versatile ‘mild ‘n’ wild’ sea flavour, suitable for enhancing not just fish and chicken dishes, but desserts and baking too.

It was described as “inexplicably delicious” by Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood when he tried it in 2014.

Furikake [fury-khaki] is a popular shake-on rice seasoning in Japan. It was created after World War I to address the lack of calcium in the Japanese diet.

Mara’s Furikake combines spicy chilli flakes, savoury black and white sesame seeds and salty, smoky dulse, a red seaweed sustainably harvested by Mara in Scotland and Ireland.

Together, these ingredients create an easy-to-use condiment that adds an East-West flavour fusion to rice, eggs, salmon and stir-fries.

“Our seaweed products are designed to add essential everyday nutrition to breakfast, lunch or dinner,” says Houston. “We look forward to seeing them on kitchen counters and dinner tables across the UK.”


  • Hi Jim, it looks like there are two Morrisons stores in that postcode. Mara is only stocked in the larger branches, not the ‘local’ shops, so we recommend you try the larger of the two. Hope that helps!

    Mara Seaweed
  • Cannot find which branch of morrisons stock your seaweed bl1 p/code


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