Mara Seaweed on Farming Today

Mara Man Rory MacPhee harvesting seaweed

A growing market

"Mara Man" Rory MacPhee was interviewed by Charlotte Smith on BBC’s Farming Today.

Rory gives a concise and insightful overview of seaweed harvesting and the market for it in the UK.

"The quality of wild seaweed in this country is incredibly good. It is just one of those big secrets: we have seaweed wealth."

A new collaboration

It has just been announced that Mara, along with Otter Ferry Fish Farm and Scottish Association of Marine Science, have won a grant for their seaweed farming project. The money will come from a new £4 million government fund to promote innovation in agriculture.

Rory explains Mara’s new project would mean "there is no breeding cycle, so we can pick a particular seaweed 12 months of the year."


Listen to the interview in full:

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