Mara Seaweed on Germany's Deutsche Welle

Fiona Houston being filmed in Fife for Deutsche Welle

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Can seaweed revive Scotland's economy?

This week, Mara featured in a segment on German TV. Broadcaster Deutsche Welle interviewed "SeaEO" and seaweed pioneer Fiona Houston at Mara's Edinburgh factory and on the shores of our harvesting locations in Fife.  

"More innovative companies are needed"

The piece explores how the decline of Scotland's traditional industries, such as oil and gas, has left room for start ups like Mara to grow. It suggests the Scottish economy will need to rely more and more on these innovative businesses.

A future in danger?

Fiona was asked to discuss the effects of Brexit and how it might alter Mara's European export plans. Will negotiations endanger Scotland's progress?


Find out what Fiona thought: watch the video.

Mara's factory being filmed for Deutsche Welle


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