Mara Seaweed's Fiona Houston Features in BQ Magazine

Fiona Houston in BQ magazine article 'A Shore Thing'

A Shore Thing

Leading business publication Business Quarterly (BQ) Magazine features Mara's co-founder and "SeaEO" Fiona Houston this month.

'A Shore Thing' tells the story of Fiona's journey with seaweed and what motivated her to set up Mara.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Last spring BQ Magazine, which focuses on celebrating and recognising entrepreneurship, named Fiona as BQ Emerging Entrepreneur.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the desire to innovate and create is in Fiona's blood. Her light bulb moment for Mara came one day when she strolling along the beach with a friend:

"A Chinese-American friend pointed to the forests of kelp and all the other seaweeds that were growing along the shoreline and asked why no-one was harvesting it to eat? It got me really thinking about how we had this sustainable, natural resource that has extraordinary flavours and health benefits.”

BQ Magazine's Shore Thing article in full featuring Fiona Houston

From strength to strength

Established by Fiona and friend Xa Milne with their own savings, Mara has received funding from government bodies as well as private investors.

But Mara's story has origins beyond that. Fiona grew up in Gretna Green, where her family still run the Old Blacksmith's Shop Visitor Centre.

“There’s a link to what I’m doing now – Dad was selling the story of a location and valuing that location, which is part of what we’re doing with Mara." 


Seaweed philosophy

Mara's aim - and Fiona's mantra - is to 'nourish body and soul.' She tells BQ,

"We try to embed this into every single part of the company, right down to where the seaweed is sourced from to what the product does, to how we treat each other."

With this in mind, Fiona has secured the company's position at the forefront of the UK's seaweed industry. But there's more to come, with a long term goal to make it a leading competitor in the worldwide market.

Read the full article and keep an eye out for the latest edition of the magazine in shops.


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