Mara Wins Interface Excellence Award

Seaweed grown in tanks - Mara's partnership proved award winning

Recognising our Sustained Partnership

We're thrilled to have won the Interface Sustained Partnership Award for our seaweed cultivation project, working alongside the Scottish Association for Marine Science and Otter Ferry Fish Farm.

Known as Project S3EED, the partnership aims to develop commercially viable tank-based seaweed cultivation. Mara Seaweed hopes to challenge other food producers with the concept that nutritious food can be economically produced.

Commendable relationships

The judges commended Mara Seaweed on their relationship with their partners. They noted their combined efforts to secure increasing amounts of funding, underlining their mutual commitment to the partnership.

It was also acknowledged that it is sound business strategy to be investing in the cultivation of seaweed in controlled conditions, and that this was the key innovation of this project.

New food resource

Fiona Houston, Mara "SeaEO," was delighted with the award. She said,

“I am pleased by the recognition and hope that our partnership can add value to Scotland's most natural, sustainable and 'new' food resource – seaweed.”

Interface Excellence Award winner certificate for sustainable partnership


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