Mara x Tesco - We’re in the 2020 Tesco Brand Incubator

Mara x Tesco - We’re in the 2020 Tesco Brand Incubator

We’re back for Year Two on the Tesco Brand Incubator programme, one of the plant-based brands which are included in this year’s Incubator programme - and we’re very excited about it! To follow our news, you follow our Twitter account.

We’re delighted to be back!


We are honoured to be back in the mix among some great brands and to have the support of Tesco to bring you some healthy inspiration for your home cooking, as well as a nudge to reduce your salt intake by swapping to seaweed flakes to season your food. For a naturally nutritious ‘salt’ without the sodium hit, you can find our product in the Herbs and Spices aisle of all large Tesco stores, and online at

Our fellow ‘classmates’ on the Incubator include plant-based meat alternative brand THIS™, condiment specialists Dr Will’s, and vegan-friendly confectionery brand, Buttermilk.There’s also ethical fem-care brand TOTM, at-home baking brand, the Northern Dough Co, craft beer brand, Salt, and natural skincare brand, Yes To.

We’re so excited to work with other brands we believe in, so be on the lookout for some fab brand collaborations over the coming months.


So, what is it?

Tesco launched its Incubator programme in 2017 with the aim of helping small challenger brands breakthrough into the retail sector. This means we work with Tesco’s top decision makers that will help us to get everyone eating seaweed daily. 

Tesco’s Incubator programme has helped dozens of innovative, exciting UK brands find a footing in the retail industry including Brewdog, Fever Tree, Bol, and Deliciously Ella. And this year is no different.


Want to try Mara?

If you want to get your hands on any of our Mara seasonings, you can find them at your local Tesco store in the Herbs and Spices aisle or buy them from our shop.

Mara will bring out the rich, umami flavour of anything you cook as well as giving you a nutritional superboost of minerals. Mara is particularly divine as a seasoning for seafood, Asian broths, noodles and rice. The in-house favourite is to start off your day with a boost with a generous teaspoon of mara on your breakfast eggs, or as we like to say - #Maraoneggs.


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Why not visit our shop and if you sign up to our newsletter, you will get a 10% discount. Once you have some Mara, please tag us! Whatever you’re cooking, we’d love to see! Tag us using @Mara_seaweed and #MaraMeals.

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