Marine Cuisine in The Sunday Herald

Harvesting for Sunday Herald article

Hooked on harvesting

We took Vicky Allan, a writer for the Sunday Herald and seaweed novice, out for a day of harvesting. She was hooked!

She writes of her experience:

“I am on my way to becoming a Dulse addict, immediately hooked on this long-forgotten food. Fast-forward a week and it seems almost impossible to get through a meal without a small sprinkling.”

On first tasting edible seaweed, Vicki reports,

“People often say seaweed is an acquired taste. But it seems to me this needs no acquiring, it’s like a taste of the ocean itself, crunchy, salty, slightly slimy.”

And of Mara she writes,

“The business may appear quirky," but “it is a smart operation, innovative, well-marketed and driven by research.”

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks Vicki. 


Read how we harvest seaweed in the article here, or visit our harvesting pages.


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