How to Get Our Seaweed Butter

How to Get Our Seaweed Butter

Introducing our delicious seaweed butter, a unique blend of our sustainably wild harvested seaweeds folded into a premium artisan butter from the Island of Orkney. 

Simply spread on bread or crackers as a canapé, or a premium finishing butter for vegetables, seafood, steak or lamb, or as an addition to your cheese board.

Where to Find It

You can buy our delicious seaweed butter online from the Ethical Shellfish Company, just click here.

You can also find it a few other places, here's a partial list of stockists.

If you would like your local deli, cheesemonger or fish shop to stock our butter, please tell your retailer about it, and that it is available through CLF distributors

If you would like more information on when this product is available in your area, please sign up to our newsletter and we will update you. 

If you are a foodservice customer, our butter is available through:

La Chasse Ltd  and Braehead.

Any other wholesale enquiries, please email




  • Hi

    I live in Manchester, can you tell me where I can purchase Seaweed Butter?

  • Great section on James Martin. I’ve had seaweed in various different food’s, but have never cooked with it. Definitely going to have a go at the recipes on your website. Thank you for putting up so many to choose from.

    I’ll try adding to my avacado smash on brown toast in the morning. Very excited, just thinking about adding to my tuna sandwich or salad. Looking forward to tasting the new butter and I was thinking that sprinkled on fruit like pineapples and strawberries might be nice, along with ice cream!

  • Where can i purchase the seaweed butter , thank you

  • HI Mildred – Thank you! you can buy all our seaweed directly from us online or look at our stockist list (click on ‘About Mara’ and choose ‘find a stockist’). Do sign up to our newsletter for exclusive offers.

    Mara Seaweed
  • I really enjoyed this morning whaching you on Jame Martin programme. Thank you for open my eye’s to something new.

    Diane Trescher
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