Mushrooms and Seaweed – The perfect umami combo

Mushrooms and Seaweed – The perfect umami combo

Mushrooms and Seaweed – The perfect umami combo

Have you ever tried mushrooms seasoned with seaweed? Seaweed unlocks a magical deliciousness in mushrooms of all varieties.

Imagine the combination of two of the richest, heartiest flavours around, packed with umami flavour and with a list of health benefits as long as your arm. That’s mushrooms seasoned with Mara. If you’d usually season your mushrooms with salt and pepper, why not swap it for some Shony next time you’re cooking?

We first discovered the wonder of the mushrooms and seaweed umami combo when writing our book ‘Seaweed and Eat It, a Family Foraging and Cooking Adventure”.

Over the course of a year, we uncovered the wonders of the wild mushrooms and seaweeds growing in the woods and along the shoreline around us, so we decided to put together an identification and recipe guide. Our first experience of combining foraged chanterelles, cooked slowly in oodles of butter and combined with seaweed flakes, was divine.

We taught ourselves to identify a few mushrooms that we knew we wouldn’t get wrong and stuck to those. As a rule, you should never eat any mushrooms that you are not 100% certain about, and always consult a good mushroom ID book.

Nowadays, most of my mushrooms likely come from the shelves of the supermarket, farm shop or farmer’s market.

What if I’m not fussed about foraging?

Which is why, this month, in honour of the mighty mushroom, you can get 50p off of our seaweed seasoning at Tesco stores (while stocks last.) Now is the perfect time to discover the salty, umami flavour of Mara and mushrooms together. Scroll on as we’ve put together a selection of delicious recipes for you to try out. 

How do I cook with mushrooms and Mara?

The slight saltiness of the seaweed will bring out the true flavour of whatever you’re cooking for a totally new and satisfying culinary experience. And with a healthy dose of iodine, vitamins and antioxidants - you’ll find it hard to believe that something that tastes so delicious is also incredibly good for you.

We’ve put together a handy guide on how to make the most of your mushrooms, from foraging (either in a forest or a supermarket) to cooking. 

Umami Mushroom Puff Pastry Tart

Slowly cook the mushrooms in butter and add a couple of teaspoons of our seaweed flakes. Then, roll out a sheet of puff pastry, spread the mushroom and seaweed combo on top and bake in the oven. For an added umami hit, spread some grated parmesan on top just before the end of cooking. This recipe is umami deliciousness at its best and it’s a really easy weekend lunch or weeknight meal too add to your rotation.

A Simply Delicious Side

Sometimes, less is more. Let the rich flavours of your fresh mushrooms shine by sautéing them off with a touch of butter, or even our very own seaweed butter. Season simply with a pinch of pepper and a sprinkling of our Shony seaweed flakes. And just like that, you have a new go-to side dish to add a bit of a twist to any meal.

Hearty Mushroom and Celeriac Soup

With winter drawing in and the weather turning, you might want to try out our delicious mushroom and celeriac soup. The earthy, autumnal flavours will take you into the colder months perfectly and you can even spice it up with as little or as much chilli as you like. Check out our recipe on how to make it here.

Hot Asian Tofu Salad 

Or perhaps we can tempt you with a hot salad of tofu, mushrooms, shredded carrot, cucumber and hearty bean sprouts? Season with a dressing of soy sauce, lime juice, a touch of ginger and of course, our delicious Mara Seaweed kombu flakes. This is the perfect lunch recipe and you can spice it up to your tastes by adding fresh chilli.

We hope we’ve inspired you to try the delicious blend of rich and flavourful seaweed combined with the mushroom of your choice. If you’re not sure quite what to make with your mushroom and Mara combo, head over to the recipe section of our website for more culinary inspiration. And be sure to let us know what you cook by tagging us on Instagram.

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