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Mara's Furikake blend

Traditionally, Furikake is a Japanese seasoning which was introduced as a way of addressing the lack of calcium in the Japanese diet. As Mara's mission is to nourish  body and soul, the ethos behind our Furikake blend follows similar suit.

Chilli flakes, black and white sesame seeds and Dulse seaweed flakes all add a delicious element to this fiery seasoning. As well as protein, our Dulse seaweed, hand harvested from the shores of Scotland and Ireland, contains potassium, magnesium and fibre.

Furikake pairs extremely well with rice dishes; however, there are an abundance of very tasty recipes enhanced by Furikake. Here are our favourites for you to enjoy. 

Xa's Summer Slaw with Furikake

This very attractive side dish tastes as good as it looks. The recipe combines spicy, crunchy and smoky qualities which go perfectly alongside the citrus zing of the dressing.

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Singapore Noodles with Furikake

The short amount of time it takes to create this exquisite meal does not reflect the flavour. This simple dish is bursting with spice from the chilli flakes and nutritional goodness from the seaweed and greens.

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Chocolates with Furikake

The killer combination of chilli and chocolate is further improved by the addition of seaweed in this exceptional recipe from blogger and chef Helen Westwood.

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Fish Skewers with Furikake and Citrus

Fish Skewers with Furikake and Citrus

This recipe is as perfect to make for a dinner party as it is at a summer BBQ. Roasted or barbecued, the seaweed and spice of the Furikake compliment the succulent fish delightfully.

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Furikake Sweet Potato Fries

Try making these extremely moreish fries as a popular side to your main meal. The mix of sweet 'n' heat with crispy potato creates a truly delicious combination. 

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Chicken and Leek Soup with Furikake

Furikake doesn't just go well with fish, and this fabulously healthy chicken and leek soup will prove just that. 

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Discover how to use our other seaweed varieties and find them here at our online shop. Leave a comment below and tell us which is your favourite recipe!

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