Our Favourite Seaweed Bread Recipes

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Healthy seaweed bread recipes

Adding seaweed to your homemade loaf couldn't be simpler. And whether it's Dulse or Kombu, the health properties in the form of minerals and nutrients found in seaweed make a strong case for adding some to your dough. So in celebration of Real Bread Week we've gathered our best seaweed bread recipes using a variety of Mara's hand-harvested flakes for you to enjoy.  

Mara® Seaweed is the ultimate superfood. It's high in iodine, fibre, potassium and magnesium. Our seaweed is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with the presence of vitamin B12 being particularly appealing to those on a vegan diet who might otherwise lack it. Additionally, it is naturally gluten free, low in sugar, fat and calories. 

A well-rounded loaf

If the numerous health benefits of using seaweed in your bread haven't swayed you, perhaps knowing it aids weight loss will. Scientists have discovered an encouraging link between seaweed and the reduction of fat absorption, so snacking on seaweed bread could be the answer to weight control. 

Why not try suppressing those sweet cravings throughout the day with a slice of 'seabread'? Here are three recipes to get you started. 

Spelt Bread with Kombu Kelp

This recipe provides you with the perfect opportunity to experiment using seaweed as a salt replacement, as part of an improved diet. Who says healthy can't be delicious? 

Make the recipe.

Seaweed Soda Bread

This wonderfully moreish loaf brought to us by food blogger and chef Helen Westwood can be enjoyed at any time of day, and makes for a fabulous soup accompaniment.

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Italian Focaccia with Kombu

Light and aromatic, make this Italian classic at a lunch party and you'll have some very happy guests. Not only is it tasty, but the seaweed brings with it exceptional health benefits, including a much-need boost of iodine.

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Italian Focaccia with Kombu

Why not experiment with your own seaweed bread recipes using other varieties of Mara® Seaweed from our online shop? Let us know how you get on in the comments.

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  • You forgot the hundreds of Irish traditional seaweed breads that there are out there, nearly one for every locality. They are the best seaweed breads and I’ve even had. And they are all vegan and made with the best seaweed only collected a few metres away in the pure clean Irish Atlantic sea. Can’t wait to return to Ireland to try more.


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