Paul Hollywood Converted by Mara Seaweed

Paul Hollywood meets Fiona Houston of Mara Seaweed on Pies and Puds 2014

Paul explores umami

For a recent episode of his Pies and Puds programme, our "SeaEO" Fiona took celebrity baker Paul Hollywood along the Fife coast to explore the taste of seaweed and discover the source of umami

We had to convert the Great British Bake Off judge with our own baking - no pressure or anything! But the seaweed did all the talking.

Seaweed picnic

We prepared a seaweed-themed picnic for Paul, starting off with dulse roasted on an open fire. We then moved on to a huge dessert selection featuring Lemon Polenta and Shony cake, chocolate cheesecake and Apple and Bramble Crumble with a seaweed oat topping.

Where has seaweed been all my life?

Although initially sceptical, Paul was soon won over. “Where has seaweed been all my life?” he asked, once he realised that seaweed was a magic ingredient for umami flavours. Even better when it's sourced not from Asia, but from the clear cold waters of his own country.

You can watch the full segment from Pies and Puds below:



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