Pregnant Women Need to Eat More Seaweed

Scotsman article 'mothers-to-be need seaweed diet'

Iodine is crucial for healthy development in babies

A great article in The Scotsman today discusses how pregnant women are not eating enough iodine-rich food such as fish, milk and seaweed. (In fact, two thirds of UK women are iodine deficient.)

Iodine is required for the production of thyroid hormones, crucial for the healthy brain development of babies, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy.

Dr Emilie Combet, who has led research on the topic at Glasgow University, said,

“Women aren’t receiving the message about the importance of iodine in pregnancy, meaning they cannot make informed choices to ensure they get the amount they require.

“Iodine is crucial during pregnancy and the first months of life, to ensure adequate brain development, but achieving over 200ug a day of iodine through diet requires regular consumption of iodine-rich foods such as milk and sea fish."

A lack of awareness about iodine

Dr Combet continued,

“The most important issue to come from this study, however, was the lack of awareness of the important role iodine plays in foetal development and how to consume adequate levels of this essential mineral."

Emma Conroy, who runs Edinburgh Nutrition, agreed.

“There are lots of nutrients that pregnant women are not getting enough of and I think it is good to give something like iodine more attention. Iodine has huge health benefits. By far and away the best thing to eat is seaweed, which is really rich in iodine."

Easy ways to add iodine to your diet

Seaweed is the best natural source of iodine, and it occurs in a format that is easily absorbed by the body - which is not always the case with iodized salt.

Try shaking Mara Seaweed on your morning eggs, using it as a healthy salt alternative or discover our delicious recipes using seaweed to season fish.


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