Sea Salt's 'Natural, Health' Claims Harming Salt Reduction Effort

Salt vs seaweed

Growth in sea salt sales is worrying

Salt reduction is vital, but the growth in gourmet salt products may stifle industry efforts, according to an article in The Food Navigator. Despite continued efforts to reduce salt levels in processed foods, there has actually been an increase in sales for sea salt.

According to Mintel, a London-based market research firm,

"Often products containing sea salt claim to be more 'natural,' contain 'essential minerals' and are 'healthier' than alternatives that use standard salt. Although elements of these claims are accurate, they are frequently overstated."

Origin stories can be deceptive

Mintel go on to explain,

"We are likely to see more premium gourmet salts focus on provenance and linking this origin to claims of purity and naturalness, particularly if sourced from remote and exotic locations."

Obviously at Mara we think that seaweed is the answer, and we hope you do too! Mara Seaweed products are genuinely full of essential minerals and vitamins, which provide a natural saltiness. 

Seaweed contains around 10% sodium chloride, compared to 98% in the top seven gourmet sea salts. So seaweed makes your food taste better and makes you feel better! Try Mara Seaweed and discover the difference. 


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