Seaweed and Eat It: What Began it All

Seaweed and Eat It book cover

Re-discovering Scotland's natural larder

Co-founders Fiona Houston and Xa Milne co-wrote the foraging book, Seaweed and Eat It, in 2008.

It started off as idle chat in the playground about how to tear their children away from the Playstation and re-connect with the seasons. It ended up with Fiona and Xa chasing up hill and down dale searching for the elusive 'wild edible' - and then starting a seaweed company!

DIY - it's easy

Seaweed and Eat It is charming and inspirational. It's for mums who dream of a better life outdoors, basket in hand. It is a gift for Paleo fans who want to bring home trophy foods – mushrooms, samphire, sea beet.

This book catalogues a series of walks with a purpose. The idea is to walk, to look around, to see what season it is. Feel the rain on your cheek and inhale the heady scents of you surroundings.

Edible seaweed: wild treasure

Use Seaweed and Eat It to discover undervalued UK edible seaweed. It's guaranteed to build the confidence of even the most cautious of us. Did you know that nettle cordial is pink and tastes of gooseberry, or that sorrell tastes of lemon?

It may surprise you how accessible and “normal” some of our prized foods are – or how even in a city you are never far from a wild corridor.

Ancestral connection

The feeling of finding, identifying and bringing home a plant that you have eyed up in a book is indescribable. Browse, and explore.

Some plants are lowly and humble and yet produce exotic and subtle flavours and some are downright fabulous. Not necessarily because they taste good, but because our ancestors ate these plants to survive. And well, that's so cool isn’t it?  

For the adventurous beginner - much like our founders - life will never be the same again. Read the rest of our story to find out what happened next.


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