Seaweed Bread Can Aid Weight Loss

Mara Seaweed loaf of bread

The answer to our snacking problem?

New research suggests that eating bread baked with seaweed for breakfast can help you to feel fuller for longer. Thanks to the large amount of dietary fibre in seaweed, you might be less inclined to reach for that snack bar during the day. (Of course, there are many other health benefits to eating seaweed, too.)

A study done by the Centre for Food Innovation has found that people who enjoyed bread enriched with seaweed were less hungry later, and consumed fewer calories than when they ate a normal ‘control’ bread.

Weight loss seaweed

The researchers suggested that the reduced energy intake caused by eating seaweed-enriched bread may be helpful in weight management.

The study, supported by the Seaweed Health Foundation, tested the effect of the seaweed-enriched bread eaten at breakfast time on 12 overweight but otherwise healthy men.

After eating the seaweed bread, participants ate significantly less (178kcal) at lunch than when they had consumed the control bread.

Lasting effects

Energy intake was also reduced over the following 24 hours, proving that seaweed is a good bulking agent which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Dr Craig Rose from Seaweed Health Foundation commented: “seaweed for food and health is a rapidly emerging trend, with multiple benefits from a sustainable and under-utilised resource.”

Give it a go 

Try our seaweed spelt bread, bake a loaf of soda bread with Dulse or enjoy a slice of Italian foccacia with Kombu kelp - and let us know the results!


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