Seaweed on the Menu: Why Ever Not?

Mara Seaweed Dulse asparagus

Chefs love edible seaweed

"Why wouldn't you use it, is the question," says Stephen Harris, head chef of Michelin-starred Faversham pub The Sportsman, about seaweed on his menu. "It's absolutely delicious." That's exactly what we were thinking!

Harris was quoted in an article in The Morning Advertiser, and Mara "SeaEO" Fiona Houston had some thoughts to share too. She explained that seaweed is a healthy salt alternative which provides "a high-taste way to season food," perfect for chefs and home cooks alike. 

Choose seaweed to elevate your menu

Most processed food is pretty bland these days, and adding salt may give it a certain flavour - but it's not going to make your food more interesting, or better for you.

Using Mara's artisan seaweed flakes is one way to provide salty flavour in a healthy way, and the umami flavour can create a point of difference on a menu.

100% seaweed can do good things for you and your food. If you'd like to discover how seaweed can enhance your menu, please get in touch with for more information and samples.


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